Month: April 2019

Kyoto – Embracing the History

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Kyoto was the capital city of Japan once, during which it was known to be the most beautiful city in all Japan. And it still proudly holds its title. However, being known for its historical importance, I was appalled to see it’s an urban atmosphere which overshadows its incredible heritage and amazing historical sites. Kyoto is home to a number of temples and shrines, and also holds very reputed Zen gardens. This city is titled as a very spiritual city, beholding its culture all the way. Here are some of the places I visited and found worth traveling and exploring.

Nijō Castle

This beautiful and majestic castle is surrounded by hills around it and is completed with high towers and moats and ancient but preserved walls. It was created in 1603 and at that team was served as the seat for the parliamentary government. The best highlights I thought about this castle were it’s a main entrance from the east side, also called the Higashi Otemon. It is a sight to behold. Apart from that, the most important building of the castle is the Ninomaru Palace which links five different buildings by a sleek corridor. While taking the castle tour, we were taken to the Nightingale floor, which creaks while making the nightingale sounds.

Nishi Hongan-Ji Temple

Of all the numerous amounts of temples Kyoto holds, this one is the oldest and chief temple and is one of the best architectures representing the Buddhist. The temple after natural disaster was rebuilt in 1760, with highlighting its most prominent features like rooms with gold backgrounds decorated by fine paintings. But only a few parts of this temple are open to the local public or the visitors, so you’ll need to make arrangements in advance. The temple still holds very effective importance historically in the hearts of people.

Kilkenny – The Ancient City of Ireland

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The Kilkenny city is only 20 km away from Dublin city and is remarked as the second capable city when it comes to attractions. The city has an ancient charm to its nature and is appreciated. The streets in the city are very narrow and you can tour the whole city on your foot, saving yourselves the transportation costs. It is known for its agricultural importance and great fertilization. The discovery of the town is very scenic and provides tourists with beauty and elegance. Being an ancient town, it still holds modern civilization very close to her.

Kilkenny Castle and Park

The park will give you major feels like you are starring in a periodic drama and is situated at a very steep height. The major architectural cultures are found in this castle, it contains the history of its warriors and their fights and their various tools used in any such fights. The castle was built in the early thirteenth century. The castle remained as a residence for the Butler family for over 600 years. It also houses 20 hectares of gardens and plants around it.

The Black Abbey

The black abbey is the oldest church the city holds. It is located between the parliament street and the high town. Every evening a parade is held through the streets in front of the church and is a sight to never miss. You can visit the church only in the morning slot and can be a part of the prayers. It is very peaceful and calming. Being holding such an important historical value, this is a must visit.

Dunmore Cave

The cave is based on the 15 km far outskirt stretch of the city and is the favorite spot for adventure junkies. The caves involve several heritage coins and bones and ancient keepers. Also, several assigned tours are held for the cave in the night. You have to sign up for it in advance, as it is very popular around. The cost for such tour is around 400 Euros.

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